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Cyberpunk stylee anime series

Bubblegum Crisis

Bubblegum Crisis Episodes -

  • BGC1: Knight Sabers
  • BGC2: Born to Kill
  • BGC3: Blow Up
  • BGC4: Revenge Road
  • BGC5: Midnight Rambler
  • BGC6: Red Eyes
  • BGC7: Double Vision
  • BGC8: Scoop Chase

Bubblegum Crisis 2040 Episodes -

  • BGC1: Can't buy a Thrill
  • BGC2: Fragile
  • BGC3: Keep Me Hanging On
  • BGC4: Machine Head
  • BGC5: Rough and Ready
  • BGC6: Get it on
  • BGC7:
  • BGC8:
  • BGC9: My Nation Underground
  • BGC10: Woke up with a Monster

Bubblegum Crisis Cast -

Silia Stingray ......Yoshiko Sakakibara
Prisilla Asagiri (Priss) . Kinuko Ohmori
Linna Yamazaki ....... Michie Tomizawa
Nene Romanova ........ Akiko Hiramatsu
Mackie Stingray ......... Nozomu Sasaki
(Sylia's younger brother)
Leon McNichol ......... Toshio Furukawa
(AD Police Inspector)
Daley Wong......... Kenyuu Horiuchi
(Leon's partner in the AD Police)
Brian Mason ........... Shuichi Ikeda
(Genom Executive)
Gibson (BGC4: Revenge Road) .. Kaneto Shiozawa
Nam (BGC5: Midnight Rambler) .. Megumi Hayashibara
Anri (BGC6: Red Eyes) ............ Yuko Mizutani
Largo (BGC6: Red Eyes) .......... Kazuyoshi Sogabe
(product of secret Genom research)
Vision (BGC7: Double Vision) .... Maiko Hashimoto
Lisa (BGC8: Scoop Chase) .......... Aya Hisakawa
Miriam (BGC8: Scoop Chase) ........ Issei Futamata
Receptionist (BGC8: Scoop Chase) .. Chisa Yokoyama

(Nene's friend/AD Police data entry clerk co-worker)
Quincy (Kawakubo Kiyoshi)
(Genom related CEO)
Kate Madigan
(high-level aide to Quincy)
(fixer by profession Sylia's front man for acquiring info and contracts for the Sabers)
Irene Chang
(Linna's friend from the aerobics class she teaches. She appears in BGC2, and has a small role in BGC7)
Dr. Raven
(Ageing scientist who works for Sylia. He regularly gets annoyed with Priss who likes to call him Jiisan (Pops)) J. B. Gibson
(Friend of Dr. Raven's who, with his Griffon (a fast car), plays a major role in BGC4)
Naomi (Shou Mayumi)
(Gibson's fiancee)
Sylvie (Takamori Yoshino)
(She escapes from the Generos space station in BGC5 and becomes a friend of Priss'. Anri A friend of Sylvie's who escapes from Generos at the same time, and plays an important role in BGC6. Reika (Vision) Chang (Hashimoto Maiko) An American pop star, she plays a major part in BGC7 while on a world tour with her band, The Revengers. Kou MatsumVision's manager and bodyguard. Dr. McLaren (Sawaki Ikuya) An American boomer researcher employed by Gulf and Bradley. He does some work for Genom in BGC7. Lisa A high school student and would-be journalist, Nene gets to look after her while she's visiting the AD Police in BGC8.

Priss - Bubblegum Crisis Story -
2032, MegaTokyo is recovering from a great earthquake that took place seven years ago. With the introduction of boomers, the Genom corporation has become a major power in the world,  Boomer technology is a combination of robotics, cybernetics and artificial intelligence in human form. Pioneered by Doctor Katsuhito Stingray who was killed in a lab accident shortly after initial development was completed. Genom continued work on his brainchild, and boomers are now an essential part of the worldwide manual labour and military hardware. Genom seems to be the saviour of the world but Genom's development of military boomers, and their continuing program of controlling the global economy and government poses a threat to the future of humanity.   Boomer related crimes are on the rise and new mechas seem to be involved each time. The AD police division is formed to curb these crimes but success come in form of The Knight Sabers, led by Sylia Stingray (The other members are Nene Romanova, who works as a computer operator for the AD Police, Linna Yamazaki, and Priss) fight these crimes for a price. bubblegum pic bubblegum crisis

Conclusion -
This ground-breaking eight episode OAV series features innovative character and mechanical designs by Sonoda Kenichi. Many consider this to be in the work of the cyberpunk genre. Bubblegum Crisis also features a great soundtrack.

The followup series... Bubblegum Crash begins in 2034. Crash was done by a different design team, and had a different voice actor for Priss. The hardsuit designs also changed dramatically, the boomers became much less intelligent, and Genom was pretty much absent from the plot. General consensus is that some people like it, and some hate it, but most seem to agree that it is inferior to the original.

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