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Legal/Copyright Acknowledgement Page

no fun to be had here whatsoever matey...

This website is totally unofficial and does not intend to detract from any official sites. This is a non-profitable website and we make no wonga from any adverts, banners, pop-ups etc that you may have been subjected to ( apology in advance :P ). None of the organisations and companies refered to, shown or listed are connected to or responsible for this sorry excuse for a website. Any comments or opinions ( are like an arshole - everyone has one ) are our personal ones and we do not speak for any official brands, products, etc. We have tried to acknowledge all copyrights, trademarks, yadda yadda yadda etc etc.

SEGA, DREAMCAST, SEGA SATURN, SEGA MEGADRIVE and SEGA MASTER SYSTEM are Registered Trademarks or Trademarks of Sega Corporation (formerly known as Sega Enterprises).
PhantasyStarOnline & Sonic the Hedgehog Trademark Copyright of Sega/SonicTeam,2000/2001
Fox, The X-Files, Buffy tVS, and Angel are Trademarks of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.
Logan's Run and Babylon 5 are Trademarks of Warner Bros.
STAR WARS is a Registered Trademark of Lucas Film Ltd.
STAR TREK is a Registered Trademark of Paramount Pictures.
The X-Men and Wolverine are Trademarks of Marvel Characters Inc.
Zoids are copyright of Tomy 1982, 2002. AD Police, Bubblegum Crisis, Bubblegum Crisis 2040 & Bubblegum Crash © AnimEigo/AIC, Inc/JVC/Youmex Inc. All pictures and artwork (jpeg, gif, mpeg, etc) are copyright of original artists. Used without permission. No challenge to their status is intended. All Midi & Wav Files were found on public servers, and are not true and accurate representations of the actual named music but rather similar, therefore they are assumed to be free from copyright restrictions. The actual Midi Files are copyright of the respective composer who i will try and acknowledge. I do not want to cause any hurt, damage or financial loss to anyone so please contact me here... ds9.2ya @ if any file breaks any law or copyright and I shall remove it from the site as soon as possible (email checked monthly at least).

Rom files are only to be downloaded for personal back-up use. You must own the original game or it is illegal to have a copy. You can only store a game Rom on your harddrive for 24hours afterwhich it must be deleted. If you are the copyright owner of any Rom available from this site and wish it removed please contact me by email and I will remove it with all haste, apologies in advance. Rom files are not to be copied, shared, reproduced or sold that would be illegal.
Do not disrespect this information coz I spent many an hour trackin down these files and I dont make any profit from this site as it was all done in the name of fun.
The Midi Files on this site are free to download and play provided no commercial use is made of them.
Please do not link to any file on this site Better that you make your own copies and store them on your own server.
Help keep this site up2date by reporting broken links, etc.
Do not abuse email address eg. spam etc.