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Conspiracy World is dedicated to bring out the truth to the public.  It is here to let the people of the world know what really is going on.  We are here to make government conspiracies come alive.  Our goal is to unearth the conspiracies of the world and let the people know about them.  We are here to warn the people about the atrocities that are being committed right underneath our noses. Some sites are incomplete and are currently still under construction, please check in often for updates.

For now this site will discuss the most common known government secrets, bases like Area 51 and the possibility of S2, projects like the Project Paperclip and the coverup of the results of Project Blue Book, also the denied existence of Project Rainbow and the infamous Majestic 12, and coverups like the Roswell Incident, but will soon expand to uncover more and more government conspiracies.

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