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Secret Government Projects

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For years the government has been conducting secret experiments on the public without their knowledge.  They have conducted countless experiments on its own people and they didn't even know about it.  The government ran studies on UFOs and whether or not they were alien craft and then after the study was finished with over 10% of the reports were unexplained they told the public there was no such thing is UFOs.   The government, against the direct order of President Truman, brought in hundreds of Nazi scientists, that helped in the killing of millions of Jewish people,  into the United States and sent them to work on things like chemical and biological weapons and the United States space program.  A secret group was formed during the late 50s that, according to the government, has never existed was set up to look into the existence of extraterrestrial beings on Earth and to study the wreckage of alien craft found on Earth.  The government has also conducted experiments with invisibility on Navy warships without the knowledge of its crewmen.