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U.S. Government Bases

Area51 S2

For years their have been rumors of secret government bases throughout the United States.  Most secret bases are thought to of been located in the barren desert in the middle of nowhere. They are riddled with secrecy of aliens, chemical weapons and secret airplanes. The government has hidden the contents of these bases ever since their creation and has never been unveiled to the public.

There are many rumors on what might be behind the walls of the Groom Lake Complex, all of which are denied by the US government, the US government, until recently, even denied that there was a complex at Groom Lake, Nevada.

Also among Area 51 there have been rumors of a newer, more secret base known only as S2 being built in the desert of Nevada or Utah.  All accusations of this base have been denied by the US government, and it is still questionable that there even is a new government base out there.