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Government Coverups

Roswell UFO Crash
For years governments have been covering up many events that have happened. They replace the facts with lies and try to make us belive it is all in the name of national security. They disguise world events that should be known to the public becuse they want you to be dependant upon them, for as long as you don't know what is going on, and they do then you have to rely on them to make our decisions. So they continue to coverup things up hoping we will follow blind in their footsteps until the end of our days. One of the US Governments biggest known coverups is that of the Roswell Crash in the 40's. A UFO crashed on a farmers field about 65 miles away from Roswell, New Mexico, after a tremendous storm the night before, the government came and covered up the incident saying that is was nothing but a weather balloon. There is more coming to Government Coverups soon, Please stand by!