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STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: Liminted Edition Enesco Plate # 15780 "The Crew"

STAR TREK: Liminted Edition Eneco Plate # 824 "The Crew"

STAR TREK VOYAGER: USS Enterprise NCC 1701a Plate # 1125d Hamilton Collection

Klingon Battle Cruiser Plate # 1032e Hamilton Collection

STAR TREK: Paramont Pictures Porcelian Mini Plates 7 Crew Members -STAR TREK: Porcelain Mini Plate Enterprise

Orginal Licence Plate Holder USS Enterprise

STAR TREK Voyager: USS Enterprise NCC 1701d Plate Collector # 1651c

STAR TREK: USS Enterprise NCC 1701 Plate Collector's # 4213p


STAR TREK: Motion Pictures Giant Puzzle "1979" Paramont

STAR TREK: Motion Pictures Jigsaw Puzzle Mr. Spock

STAR TREK: Motion Pictures Aviva Enterprise "1979" Finished

USS Enterprise NCC 1701d Puzzle Tin 700 Piece "1996"


STAR TREK: Lunch Box the Next Generation Copyright "1988" Paramont Picture's

STAR TREK: Lunch Box the Next Generation Copyright "1989" Paramont Pictures

STAR TREK: Strangers From The Sky 90 Min. "1987" Paramont Pictures

USS Enterprise NCC 1701 "30" Self Stick Book Plates jb00906

STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: " 30" Self Stick Book Plates

STAR TREK: School Day Lunch Box Hallmark 1e/6130# Certificate of Authinticity Collector's Edition

STAR TREK: Custom Capt. Kirk Mens Shirt Med.

    STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: Value Pack Back Pack "1993"
  • Pack
  • Belt
  • Wallet

STAR TREK: Dress Custom Uhara Med. 10-12 "1990"


    STAR TREK: Action Adventure Stories "1979" Peterpan Records Lp33.3
  • _The Man Who Trained Meteors
  • _The Robot Masters
  • _Dinosaurs Planet
  • _Human Factor

STAR TREK: The Motion Pictures "1979" Lp 33.3

STAR TREK: 45 Record rpm 79 Original Stories for Children Peter Pan Vino Veritas

STAR TREK: 45 Record rpm 79 The Time Stealer


Halmark Party Cup Plastic "1993" "Set Your Phasers On Party"

Halmark Table Cover "Star Trek"

Party Express Table Cover Next Generation "1994"

Halmark Napkins "Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Star Trek"

Halmark Napkins "Beam Me Up Scotty There's No Intellegent Life At This Party"

Party Express Napkins Ten Forward "Our Atmosphere Can't Be Replicated"

Halmark Plates At Warp Speed

Party Express Plates "Lets Party Boldly" Next Generation

Party Express Plates Party Bodly Next Generation

Halmark "Live Long and Prosper"

Party Express "Party Bodly" Hats

Party Express Post Cards Invitations

Party Express USS Enterprise Treat Bags

Halmark 4 Sheets Stickers (2)

Halmark Invitation "Set Your Phasers On Party"

STAR TREK: Post Card Book Paramount Picture's "1977"

STAR TREK 3: Post Card Book "1984"

STAR TREK: Adhesive Bandage Collector's Series 1-8

STAR TREK: "25th" Anniversary "1991" The Art Portfolio "Visions of the Final Frontier

STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: Magic Cling Window Scenes "1993" Paramont

STAR TREK: Communicator Key Chain "1994" Paramont

STAR TREK: Capt. Kirk 3.75 Posiable Action Figure "1979"

STAR TREK 2: Corgi Die Cast Vehicles "1982" Enterprise

STAR TREK 2: Corgi Klingon Warship "1982"

STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: Collector's Edition Communicator Pin "1993"

Reusable Decal Magic Window Cling USS Enterprise

STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: 3d Slide Puzzle "1995"

STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: View Master 3d (3) Reels "1989"

STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: Collectables Action Marbles "1993"

STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: Easy Painting Enterprise

STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: Klingon Easy Painting "1993"

STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: Glow in the Dark Enterprise

STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: Wraping Paper 2 Sheets "20x30"

STAR TREK: Undiscovered Country Afagan

One of a Kind Etched Glass Enterprise Table Light

Enterprise W/ Bal by Enesco "1992"

STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE: USS Defient Plastic Playmates "1996"

    STAR TREK 1:
  • Hand Painted Face Malibu Wrist Watch
  • Malibu Jewelry

STAR TREK: Orginal Hand Held Phaser

STAR TREK 1: Musical Watch Valdawn MFG.

STAR TREK: Pewter Pendent and Chain Enterprise

Communicator Sound Board Pin

(2) Pewter Star Trek Ships 1.5 in. Rawcliff "1993"

    Applause Key Chains "1994"
  • - Magellan Shuttle Craft
  • - Romulan War Birds
  • - Fergeni Marauder
  • - NCC Enterprise NCC 1701a
  • - Klingon Bird of Prey
  • - Borg Ship

STAR TREK NEXT GENEREATION: "1994" Paramont Freezer Cups

Original Licence Plate USS Enterprise

STAR TREK 1: Belt Buckle Communicator ".200 th" Annirversary USS Enterprise Old England Mint # 8117

    STAR TREK: Motion Pictures
  • Plastic Soup Bowl
  • Ceral Bowl
  • Juice Cup
  • Drink Cup
  • Coffee Cup
  • Deka Plastics "1979"

STAR TREK: Bowl and Coffee Cup Deka Plastics "1975"

STAR TREK: "Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before" Clock of Star Trek Enterprise

STAR TREK: "Live Long and Prosper" Mr. Spock Clock

STAR TREK : Klingon Small Child Costume

Mr. Spocks Med. Costume "1975"

1st Contact Scented Bubble Bath Borg "1996"

Omega Glory View Master with Story Book (3) Reels

    Kitter Gum "1993"
  • - Worf
  • - Borg
  • - Klingon

STAR TREK : Pop Shot 3d Greeting Cards


STAR TREK: Original Series Collectable Playing Cards "1998"

STAR TREK: Telephone Collector's Edition "1993"

STAR TREK: Shuttle Craft Alarm Clock Radio Collector's Edition "1994"

14 Official Blue Print Star Trek Motion Picture Wallaby

STAR TREK: Blue Print (12) Complete Set's "1975" Ballantine Books

STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: 4 in 1 Poster Set "1993" Paramount

Star Trek Motion Pictures Two in One Captains One Destiny in Frame "1979" "20x16" Genertaions

STAR TREK: Generations USS Enterprise "1994" in Frame "20x16"

Dream Lives on Lithograph Wand Painting by Lucy A. Synk 149/500 Framed "12x14"

STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: (2) Poster Pen Set "1993"

STAR TREK: USS Enterprise NCC 1701a Special Edition Chromart Certificate of Authenticity 3759/10,000

"1979" Bumper Sticker "I Am A Trekkie Live Long and Prosper

USS Enterprise Helium Balloon 4 Ft. Long "1994"

STAR TREK: Scrap Book Full of Clippings

STAR TREK: " 30" Year Plaque by Tread Way Faces of 4 Captains and 4 Ships

Book Plates Label Enterprise

Decal Magic Window Cling Imagine Marketing STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: Bird of Prey STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: Enterprise

STAR TREK: Star Fleet Officer Collectors Set "1994"

Read Along Adventures STAR TREK 2 Wrath of Khan 24 Pg. Book "1983" with Cassette

Stickers Halmark "1992" STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: Crew STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: Crew 4 Sheets Post Cards Ship 4 Cards


Poster of Orginal Crew on Bridge :"1997"

USS Enterprise NCC 1701d Galaxy Class Cruiser Exterior Drawning 11 Sheets

USS Enterprise Glass by Dr. Pepper "1976"

Enterprise Destroyed Glass Star Trek 2 Taco Bell "1984"

STAR TREK 3: Cassette Search for Spock

<Head of Worf Box Talks "1993"

Worf Childs costume Lg. "1992" Rubie Cutomes

STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: "Make It So" Note Pad "1992"

STAR TREK: 4 Cup "1989"

STAR TREK: Orginal Tie

(13) Halmark Cards STAR TREK and NEXT GERNERATION "1992":

Live Long and Prosper Notepad "1992"

Priority #1 Message from Star Fleet Pad

United Federation of Plants Pad "1992"

Doc. McCoy Note Pad "1992"


Pins All Different Kinds STAR TREK "25" Years 1995 STAR TREK Voyagers

(2) GOLD Enetrprise Pins

    STAR TREK Generations Notebook Stickers 1994"

    • - USS Defient
    • - USS Enterprise
    • - USS voyager
    • - USS NG Enterprise

    STAR TREK: Motion Pictures Kirk Patches "1979" and Spock "1979"

    STAR TREK 2: Wrath of Khan Digital Recording Album Sound Track

    STAR TREK: Talking Alarm Clock "1994" Paramount


    STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION; All Good Things "1987-1994"

    Exclusive Collectors Cards Set from Sky Box

    The Making of STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION Platinum Edition #5074 of 50,000

    Making of STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: Collectors Edition 5074 of 50,000 GOLD Edition

    Making of STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION 5074 of 50,000 Collector's Edition

    STAR TREK Edition Sky Box Master Series Trading Cards 90 Per Set "HARD TO FIND"

    "1993" Skybox Master Series Paramont Full Set Including Holigram

    STAR TREK 3: The Search for Spock with Ships "1992"

    NEXT GENERATION: "Where No One Has Gone Before" Full Set

    STAR TREK VOYAGER: Series 1 Collector Cards Sky Box "1995"

    STAR TREK and NEXT GENERATION: Impel Card Set 1-160 "1991"

    STAR TREK: Orginal Stickers 1-22 "1979" in Case

    STAR TREK 4: Voyage Home "1987" 1-60 in Case

    STAR TREK: Motion Picture Light Switch Cover "1979" (8)

    STAR TREK: " 1991" "25th" Annirversary 12 Official Cards Original

    "1991" "25th" Annirvesary Orginal Match Box STAR TREK Motion Pictures Match Box STAR TREK Motion Picture Dec 61979

    STAR TREK and NEXT GENERATION: Impel Cards Set 161-300 Set 2

    STAR TREK: Motion Picture "1979" 1-33 Topp Pic Cards

    Paramont Copy Right Stickers "1979" 1-22 (5 )set Also Extras

    Personnel Log USS Voyger

    STAR TREK Voyager 2 Collectors Series Cards Sky Box "1995"

    STAR TREK: Motion Picture Match Box Topps a Picture Cards STAR TREK Motion Picture "1997" 1-88 with Extras

      STAR TREK: Motion Pictures Stickers "1979"
    • Kirk
    • Ship
    • Ship
    • Spock

    STAR TREK: 1991 "25th" Annirversary Full Set

    STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION: "1991" Full Set Impel


    STAR TREK: Star Date Year "2000" Paramount Pictures

    "1989" Celebration Calender

    (2) STAR TREK: CLASSIC EPISODES "1987" Calender

    "1992" "25th" Annirversary STAR TREK

    "1993" STAR TREK 6




    "1986 STAR TREK Star Date Calender

    "1991" STAR TREK Calender

    "1994" STAR TREK Calender



    STAR TREK: " 30th" Anniversary Episodes Home Recored

    STAR TREK: " 30th" Anniversary Episdes Home Recorded

    STAR TREK Voyager Flashback

    STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE: Trails and Tribulations

    STAR TREK 6: Undiscovered Country

    STAR TREK: "25th" Anniversary Special "1992"

    STAR TREK Bloopers "1991" STAR TREK Bloopers and More

    STAR TREK4: Voyage Home

    STAR TREK 5: Final Frontier

    William Shatner and Leonard Nemory 25 Year Mission Live

    William Shatterns STAR TREK Memories "1995"

    STAR TREK: 1st Contact "1997"

    "R" Rated STAR TREK "1991" Counselor Troi Bare All

    STAR TREK 3 : Search for Spock

    STAR TREK 2: Wrath of Khan

    STAR TREK : Motion Picture 12 Min. Mew Fortage

    STAR TREK : Insurrection

    STAR TREK: Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before Dolby System

    Orginal Television Sound Trek "1985"

    STAR TREK: Collectors Edition Uneditied All Episode 2 Per Tape Orginal