A Basic Page of My Stories
by K.V. Wylie

Some of these stories contain slash.
If you don't like same-sex stories,
and prefer heterosexual stories,
please go here.

Archie Comics
Moments Not Allowed
Jughead/m, PG
Told from Jughead's p.o.v.,
this is a story of self-realization.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Essential Fragility
Giles/Buffy/Willow, PG
Set during the Sunnydale gang's graduation.
The apocalypse has come and the Mayor survived.
A different ending.

The Monkees
The Breakup
Mike/m, PG
The Monkees may break up
because of a secret in Mike's past.

Star Trek: The Original Series

The Secrets of Pine Cones
Spock/McCoy, PG
Spock and McCoy have been married for a long time but,
for a specific reason, they may not make love for a month.

The Sensual World
Spock/McCoy, NC-17
Spock and McCoy marry.  During the ceremony, Spock finds out
something about his parents that is very distressing.

Trust of a Bonding
McCoy/male, PG
(coming soon)

The Waltons
Johnboy/Reverend Fordwick, PG-14
Set during the episode "The Sinner".

Last updated February 21, 2005