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Occupational Health & Safety Workplace Report

Blue Sky’s OH&S Report for Workplace Nr1




Occupational Health & Safety Report

Blue Sky’s OH&S Report for Workplace Nr1

Overview of work place & equipment

Hazard Checklist For Your Workplace.xls

1)      This is a home office; the room gets used for other porpoise’s aswell.

2)      Equipment consists of a typical computer system, system box sits on floor under desk, and screen, keyboard and printer sit on a medium sized desk.

 The ergonomic assessment;

This set-up could do with some improvement as follows:

This desk needs to become uncluttered; I need to get a swivel base for the screen and position it properly. The keyboard is ancient and should be replaced with a modern ergonomic one. The chair is comfortable and fully adjustable but could be replaced with a self-adjusting type. I have a large window witch provides good light except in late afternoon when the sun shines directectly threw and gets on the screen. The over-head lighting is ok but could be improved by use of a fluorescent light.

The environment;

n        I have a need to organize my workspace properly, clean up the clutter, papers and cords. Otherwise this is a good work environment.

We should get appropriate safety equipment, being a first aid kit, fire exstinglsher (Co2 type) and illuminated “exit signe/s.

The electrical hazards;

Another good reason for keeping electrical cords out of the way is that they don’t get worn or damaged. Power points need to be tested and I should install a surge protector for the ‘phone line as well as for the AC power (an Uninterruptible Power Supply would be ideal).

The Biological, Chemical and Radiation Hazards;

The main biological considerations are as follows:

1)      The air quality is important, do not smoke inside (or at all), make sure that air conditioning/ventilation is working properly (evaporative air conditioning should be checked and cleaned at least every 12 months.



The chemical considerations;

Batteries should be handled and stored according to manufacturers directions.

The print consumables, such as print cartridges and toner. For proper handling and storage see the table below,




IBM Proprinter ribbon cartridge

No special requirements

In original packaging

Lexmark ink jet cartridge

Use gloves when handling do not touch print-head

In original packaging

Apple Laser Writer toner

Use gloves when handling

In original packaging

·  Table. Proper handling & storage.


The radiation considerations;

The VDU screen is old and needs to be replaced with one that is compliant with the latest radiation standards. All equipment should have all covers, internal shielding ECT in place. Microwave oven to be checked with a “Microwave Leakage Detector”.