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                 Item:                                            Pass:         Yes/No                 Remedial Action    
Floor (Obstructions,Office lay-out,Papper,cords etc) No Cleanup pappers,
cords ect.
Lighting (natural, artificial, glare) Yes
Safety equipment (accessible, working, right for job) No Get fire exstinsher,
preferly Co2 (for all fires) type.
Entrances (Free from obstructions) Yes
Exits (Free from obstructions, signage) No Get "exit" signe.
Chair (ajustable-hight,lumbar,backrest) Yes
Desk (right hight) No Get desk that is the right hight.
Keyboard (right position, ergonomic type) No Get "ergonomic" type  keyboard.
VDU/Screen (right position, angle) Yes
Worplace Environment (too hot, too cold, too noisy) Yes
Workspace (desk too clutered, workers too close No Clear off desk.
Workmates (antisocial behaviour, sexual harassment
work too slow ect) Yes
Management No Get better management!
Safety Equipment (do you know wear fire exstingishers
are, how to use) No Get fire exstinglsher/s, familiarize.
Personal Health (don't go to work if you have cold ect) Yes
Fridge, (make shore it works at correct temp). Yes
Workmate's Health (sickness, drug/alcohol use/abuse) Yes
Safety Equipment (FirtAid Kit) No Get "first aid kit.
Repetitive Strain Injury, RSI, (should take breaks,
and alternate tasks) Yes
Printer Ink/Toner/cartridges Yes
Photocopier/Fax Yes
New Equipment (may give off toxic chemicals) Yes
Drugs (taken by yourself or other workers) Yes
Safety Equipment (gloves For handling Toner etc) No Get gloves
VDU/Screen (X-radiation) No Get "MPRII" compliant monitor
EMF(Electro-magnetic-field/s) all wiring and equipment Yes
Microwave oven (Micrwave radiation) Yes
Safety Equipment (Radiation Detector/s - Tester/s) No Get mirowave leackage detector.
Electrical Cords (worn, damaged) Yes
PowerPoint's (working properly, effective earth etc) Yes
Electric shock (damaged or faulty equipment etc) Yes
Safety Equipment (Surge Protector Earth Leakage
detector, UPS, (Uninteruptable Power Supply/s) No Get a good "UPS".
END                          Checklist for Workplace Nr 01