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Bob's Big Trip

Hi I'm Bob. I'm yellow, round and soft. Me, S and E are in London in England. We have come to work here in England. The trip was a blast. We travelled from Mexico City to Panama City in Central America. In South America we started in Quito in Equador travelling south through Peru and Bolivia and then through Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Argentina and finally into Chile again. We made some great friends, without whom the trip would not have been the same. Thanks to all of you who we met along the way. The photo album contains pictures from Mexico down to the Sacred Valley in Peru and we have updated the journals up to the 20th August. To view our albums click on the photo album link below and then on the individual links. This will bring you through to where you need to sign up and then you can access the photographs. E, S and Bob.

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Coming soon: at some stage soon I will update the journals.

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