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Brandon Institute Of Sustainability
BIOS Proposal by Wendy Lee Clark
It is with enormous concern for the future of this planet and its inhabitants that this type of education and site is proposed. A holistic view of this project is the criteria that best serves this proposal in the desire to speed along the green revolution that will facilitate our ability to deal with and survive the damage that continues to take place on this planet. Urgent action is required to stop the destruction and damage that is RIGHT NOW limiting our ability to produce the resources we require for survival. 

BMHC and site, historically was for the care and wellness of people and now has the opportunity to do the same, in a more enhanced way, with ever expanding benefits to Manitobans and beyond. With ACC’s sustainable environmental programs included among the suggested list of programs, it allows for the much needed space at ACC. At BIOS, wellness, education and sustainability would be the theme in ALL considerations. Building retrofits and construction would be under Canada Green Building Council standards that require Leading Energy and Environmental Design. As energy costs would be at the forefront of consideration, the Integrated Design Process could be utilized. Endorsement by the Manitoba organizing group of the Canada Green Building Council is now being requested. This method has been utilized in buildings that are in good repair, structurally sound and with classical architecture in Manitoba.

This public treasure has the opportunity to be an international institute that we could all be proud of. With degree, diploma and casual studies available, large numbers of people could utilize and enjoy this luxurious facility, year after year. BIOS could be a model of a sustainable, self-contained, efficient, closed loop operation. Brandon, Manitoba and the Doer government would leave a legacy achievement in this internationally accredited institute.

The local ecology, in keeping with the theme would be operated organically and in itself be the teaching tool for organic gardeners, farmers, research, inspection and food for the food services department. Over 25 species of trees on the finest urban forest grove in the region can now be protected and cherished. Numerous bird species found nowhere else in Brandon and monarch butterfly habitat can remain undisturbed. There is no replacing century-old trees in our lifetime along with the added  benefit they offer our environment.

As all Manitobans are concerned about an increase in taxes, a need for funding partnerships arises. Polluters should begin to factor in the cost of the free natural capital they are using and start to pay for the damage they have caused and re-educate themselves. So with this in mind, sponsorships and beneficial partnerships can exist -- such as Manitoba Hydro, Krausse Auto Inc., Interface Inc., Whole Foods Market Inc., Kyoto Protocol, Eco-action, UBC Press, Rodale Books and the Industrial Building Incentive Program to hint at a few possibilities. A funding and resource materials drive must take place.
It is hoped that Manitoba students who are presently receiving an education in environmental law, business law and various other programs could offer assistance in funding requests, research and legal and environmental planning. 

Economically, Brandon and Manitoba could benefit first with construction and retrofitting, second with teachers and students and all the revenue  generated and third, but no less important, the education and teachings leading to the clean up of our environment, that directly benefits us all. These new sustainably trained, highly skilled graduates can begin their work of care, wellness and sustainability for all.

The Brandon Institute Of Sustainability will consist of a beautiful 160 acre campus, plus 500 acres that can be utilized for organic agricultural research, green building architecture, R2000 retrofit instruction sites, solar collection and instruction and even organically raised livestock to provide a completely balanced ecosystem to name a few options. BIOS can offer on-site teaching of the process of a green audit, that will become a requirement of sustainable industry and development in the future. As well, it has the potential to be a source of inspiration and new direction amongst attendees -- and it will give way to transformative initiatives.

In keeping with the holistic view, local expertise will be utilized wherever possible as Gavin Reynolds of Celtic Power and Machining Limited (bio-fuel expert) is interested in instructing at BIOS. What finer atmosphere could one ask for in an employment or learning environment than environmentally friendly buildings and grounds, a sustainable education and organic food to savour from BIOS' own kitchens and gardens.

Below is a sampling of classes BIOS will offer to supplement the vision I see for the amazing BMHC site, naturally using the holistic criteria in choosing the educational offerings:

-environmental police, policy, bio-safety and remediation
-organic inspection and auditing
-Natural Capitalism
-environmental law, liability law, Unnatural Law
-ecology, soil science
-The Natural Step – principals and practice
-organic research, seed saving, diversity
-marketing sustainable and recycled products (Energy Star)
-business solutions – Interface methodology
-bio-fuels and reclamation
-communities – sustainable urban and rural development
-carbon (sequestration), nitrous oxide, sulphur and methane studies
-LEED, R2000 retrofitting, green construction, IDP
-sustainable economics, investing
-development of fiber processing and value added industries
-ACC sustainable environment courses
-green industry inspection and auditing
-Manitoba stewardship program, solar power studies
This process could happen on an as-time-and-resources-allow basis.  In essence, instruction of apprentices could begin at the same time as construction and retrofitting begins. The hands on, credit offering experience, with revenue beginning almost immediately, could reduce some labour costs.  Manitoba is ripe and overdue for an expansion into a renewed, positive approach to a future that is rapidly approaching us. This has the possibility of getting Manitoba back in the loop and giving this province new life and a healthier future. 
BIOS proposal by  -  Wendy Lee Clark

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Debate Rages Over Site's Future
 by Curtis Brown ~ Saturday, May 1, 2004
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Responsibilities and Perspectives of the 
Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (CESD)

The Sustainable Development Act 


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We, the undersigned, after having read the BIOS proposal, do knowingly and with full faculties support the institute in its aims. We desire to see a facility such as BIOS in Brandon to promote and protect our urban and rural environment, give a quality education and thus employment future to our youth, and to enhance overall the quality of life in the Brandon area:

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