Hey, this is Kei's little country he likes to call Ayanamikaria. Its just a webpage now..but when i get a million and a half dollars im going to buy a real country and make it a great utopian society with trees, peace, No crime, the death penalty enforced on every crime so there is no crime, free soda, lots of ddr machines, and ABSOLUTELY NO PEOPLE THAT ARE ALSO ANIMALS.....except the ninja turtles...and i guess Red XIII doesn't count eigther since he is still an animal. Fuck it, Ok...people that are animals are allowed...but only 6 werecats....only 6...anything after six will be shot with an arrow.

UPDATE. 6-23-2003 3:01 AM

ALRIGHT, FUCKERS...im workin on making the site cool with buttons...So enjoy..i dont know if the profiles page works by the time you read this but it might...it miiiight..

Email: ayanamikari@yahoo.com