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Becka's Big Adventure

Picture of the Whenever My Lazy Ass Gets Around to Uploading A New One!

Last Updated: September 6, 2004

IT SNOWED!!! I was driving west on Arapahoe this morning and I saw fresh snow on the mountains from whatever came through yesterday. I figured it was snowing because I just looked that way from down here yesterday. Hooray! That means winter will be coming soon. I updated the website with many many old pictures. They are in the old picture of the day section. With appropriate dates and everything. You all should be proud.


Here are all of my old pictures of the day. They are pretty fun and exciting, but watch out, there's lots of them. So you may be there awhile waiting for them to upload if you have a slow internet connection. For that, I'm sorry, but not really.


By now you may be a little curious as tho who has created this webpage. For more information about me check out: Who Is Becka and What Is She Doing?

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