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July 18 - August 3, 2004
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Whitsunday Islands

Reefs and Rainforests


Reefs and Rainforests

The Iluka

I decided to opt for the two day, two night sailing trip offered through ProSail, and I have to say that this was probably my favorite part of the entire trip. You get onto an ex-racing Maxi and sail throughout the Whitsunday Islands. Our crew was very interesting... with the skipper and the two other crew members. You eat, sleep, and live on board the boat with up to 15 other members of your tour, and although the accommodations are pretty small (but not bad), the food was actually pretty good. Who would have thought that we'd get the best nachos supreme on board?

Our trip left from the Abel Point Marina and from there we headed out to Scrub Hen Beach where we anchored for the night. Watching the sunset was amazing as we all got a chance to unwind halfway through the trip. That night we all went below, and sat underneath the boat talking Whitehaven Beach and having a lot of fun for quite a while. We all got to know each other really well that night :-) The next morning we left early for Whitehaven Beach, to the point where all of the postcard pictures are taken from. When we got there there was just about nobody else on the beach. We walked into the water where the stingrays would come pretty close - it's amazing to see how big they actually are. After spending all morning relaxing on the beach we headed out to Border Island to go snorkeling. It was really great snorkeling - there were so many types of fish and the coral was great. After snorkeling we kind of floated throughout the islands, where we got to see some dolphins and whales as they passed by. We spent the night at Black Island. Laying out on the boat at night while watching the stars is different - the boat rocks and it looks as though the sky is moving instead of you.

Sailing Group

The third day we went snorkeling at Black Island where we spent the night. We were able to jump right off the boat and swim over to the coral, although that was a little daunting considering the size of the bat fish we saw under the boat that morning. We headed back to Long Island today to meet up with the rest of the tour group. The island was actually pretty nice - there were trails to walk on, and you could feed the bat fish and the birds also. But probably the best part of the island were the showers that we were finally able to take after being on the boat for two days!





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