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July 18 - August 3, 2004
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Reefs and Rainforests


Reefs and Rainforests

Trying Crocodile Meat

The only real reason for going to Rockhampton (the beef capital of Australia) is to go to the Koorana Crocodile Farm. This farm is really cool - you can go there and you get a three course meal, starting with your choice of crocodile meat soup, or another type, and trying some crocodile meat on skewers, followed by a good dinner and then great dessert. In between, however, is the best part. You can go out and go croc spotting and learn about the crocodiles that they have there, some of them getting to be pretty old. They fed the crocs in front of us, and the amount of meat on one chicken can feed a croc for a couple of weeks (so imaging what a feast a human would be...). We also got to learn about the nice little Koorana Crocodile Farm versus Steve Irwin battle that's been going on. It seems as though they aren't too fond of Steve-o, and have been challenging him to come out to their farm and "wrestle" one of their crocodiles... too bad he hasn't accepted - you could probably charge admission for this match! At the end of the night they brought out Harley, the baby croc, for us all to hold. He felt like a rubber, battery operated toy. Interesting.

Fraser Island


Whitsunday Islands


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