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July 18 - August 3, 2004
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Fraser Island

Reefs and Rainforests


Reefs and Rainforests

Four Wheel Drive Excursion

Fraser Island is a sand island off the coast of Australia. It's a three-beer trip to get out to the island. Oh yeah, and there are dingos on the island, so you'll see the signs up everywhere telling you what to do if you encounter a dingo, and not to provoke them. Of course, since the signs are everywhere, all anyone wants to do is see a dingo.

I went on the full day 4-wheel drive excursion through the island, and it was actually pretty cool to see that they didn't build roads throughout the island, so it's more like a roller coaster ride than a "bus" ride. We stopped at Lake Makenzie, a gorgeous lake with crystal clear blue water that goes from light to dark in an instant with the changing depth. You can wash your jewelry in the fine sand and water and they come out sparkling. After the lake we headed to Central Station where we walked through the rainforest area, and saw Wanggoolba Creek, a silent creek. It was amazing to be standing next to this clear fresh stream and not even hear it running. We also stopped at the Maheno Shipwreck and the Pinnacles before getting back to the resort. The best part about going to those last two places is that in order to get there you have to travel on the freeway. Apparently the beach is considered to be a freeway with all traffic rules in play, with one exception - airplanes take precedence, since they use Watching the Sun Set the freeway as a runway.

One of the parts of the trip that probably everyone on every trip remembers is the Dingo Bar. The Dingo Bar is right next to the cabins, and is a cute little bar that offers games and karaoke. We definitely showed up the other group at karaoke, with "I Will Survive" and "Dancing Queen", although I have to say that everyone probably remembers Matt singing "Bootylicious" with the four dancers behind him. He even did a replay on the bus the next day, despite not knowing most of the words.

Adora Downs




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