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July 18 - August 3, 2004
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Sydney to Coffs Harbour

Reefs and Rainforests


The tour started early this morning with everyone jumbled into the smallest lobby I've ever seen, trying to get paperwork done and get out onto the bus. Sydney was freezing this morning, comparatively. The winds were blowing and on the way out to the bus a plastic chair flew off of one of the balconies across the road and smashed onto the ground. I thought that was a pretty funny start to the trip... We headed off to take our group picture at Mrs. Macquarie point, and of course it was going to be windier at the harbour than in between all the buildings in the city. We reluctantly got off the bus, but in the end I have to say that the sky was actually a pretty color of gray, if that's any consolation.

The bus ride was long today, and so we got to play a game! Well, we actually got to all stand up and introduce ourselves in front of everyone. At least by the time we finished with that we had pretty much left the rain behind us.

Coffs Harbour was where we spent our first night. Oh, and on the way there you get to pass the Big Banana! I don't know what it is about big things in Australia, but they're obsessed with them. We got to the hotel, and it was a really nice hotel. You can walk out the back and you're right on the beach where the waves are crashing against the rocks. Happy hour was from 7-8 tonight at the hotel bar, so it was a good chance to socialize and get to know people a little better. Dinner was on our own, so we ended up calling the local Domino's and having them deliver about 12 pizzas to the room (hey, I was a little hungry). Oh, and who could forget the obligatory second happy hour?

That night someone decided to prank Matt's room, and called his room, told him that he had a package waiting at the front desk and that he had to come and pick it up. Well, of course he got there and no one knew anything about it. So the mystery remained as to who it was that called him up... obviously someone was waiting there to get a glance of him (and just a tip for future Contiki-ers, secrets don't last too long on a crowded bus with 50 people...).




Surfers Paradise


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