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July 18 - August 3, 2004
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Adora Downs - Forest Glen Wildlife Sanctuary - Fraser Island

Reefs and Rainforests

Adora Downs
Colleen with Kangaroo
An Australian Dunny - makes you wonder if there are other bathrooms or not….
Hayride at Adora Downs during sunset.
Adora Downs during sunset - it was gorgeous.
Colleen with one of the resident kangaroos.
Rosay, the new joey that had been there only a week. Isn‘t she cute?
Feeding Kangaroos
Colleen feeding kangaroos
Momma and Joey
Cuddle a koala at the Forest Glen Wildlife Sanctuary.
And then go on to feed the kangaroos!
Colleen feeding the kangaroos.
Momma and Joey kangaroo.
And the lazy wombat. Don‘t feed him.
Baby Koala
Contiki Group
Lake Makenzie
Fraser Island Transportation
Just when you thought it couldn‘t get any better, out came the baby koala.
The group at Lake Makenzie on Fraser Island.
Lake Makenzie - the water is so blue.
A tree during our walk on the island.
Our 4-wheel drive vehicle, parking in the middle of the “freeway“.
Jen on the Beach
Group at Fraser Island
Fraser Island at Sunset
The Maheno Shipwrek.
The Pinnacles on Fraser Island.
Me standing in the middle of the “freeway“ on Fraser Island.
The group watching the sunset on Fraser Island.
A classic sunset picture.



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