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Continual Motion is the home of the bar 6.
The Bar six is a new stress toy (or some prefer to call it an executive toy) that is a solid mechanism.
We, at Continual Motion believe that the Bar-6 is an ingenious new Fundamental Mechanism, similar to a Slider Crank, Watts Linkage (Also known as a Three Bar Linkage or 4 bar chain), or a Geneva Stop Mechanism.

The Bar-6 is not like the Rubik Cube, or a Skewb, a Pyraminx, Pyramorphix, or any other puzzles. It is not a puzzle, it is a stress toy.

The Bar-6is probably safer compared to the Richard X. Zawitz's Tangle Toy or even the pure genius of Naoki Yoshimoto's Shinsei Mystery as these are both Mechanical Stress Toys, not puzzles as they are frequently mistaken for.

The Bar Six does however have something in common with the Pyramorphix, the Bar Six (a.k.a. The Six Bar Chain) was designed by Andy Southern, who named the Pyramorphix (Meffert originally wanted it called the Junior Pyraminx, and even to this day you can see evidence of this on Meffert's official website, refering to "jpm" such as the file name "jpm.html" for the page concerning the Pyramorphix!).

Andy Southern is lead designer at Truel Consultancy, was educated at both the Royal College of Art, and Imperial College.

Truel made an early start into puzzle solutions and did work on Uwe Meffert's Pyramorphix and were later invited to do further work on Uwe Meffert's Skewb Ultimate and Diamond Skewb.

However Product Design was what interested Andy most, so it was inevitable that he would start working for some prominent clients such as Thomas Heatherwick Studios, Zandra Rhodes and The Sports Channel (dot com). Many other clients have been worked for on a variety of products.

As with most Product Designers, Andrew likes to keep busy. Not stopping for one moment, Andy even found time to design two self-generated (i.e. not upon the request of a client) products currently in production.

These are the S-Clasp, an androgynous fastener for any backpack or ruck sack, and the run-away success Stress Toy that is the Bar Six.

Andy decided that the Bar 6 was going to be such a success in the Promotional Gift and Giveaway market that he formed a new company around this and future product designs he is planning, called "Continual Motion Ltd". After purchasing the injection mould tools and organising the manufacturing Andrew booked a stall at the National Incentive Show (NIS). The NIS was held in Birmingham NEC in September 2004 and was a great success for Continual Motion Ltd. 700 clients left contact details and discussed our products for a good five minutes in return for a Bar Six.

This is exactly how companies should use the Bar-6, in exchange for a potential customers contact details - which they are more than happy to give for something this Unusual, they get a quirky give away toy with your details printed on it.

A copy of the National Incentive Show's Press Release as left at the Press office is here.

Continual Motion Ltd is about to display at this year's British Toy and Hobby Association (BTHA) Toy Fair. The London Toy Fair is an annual event held at ExCeL Centre, in London Docklands Continual Motion Ltd will be showing at Stand GH112 in the Green House area, where new businesses exhibit what are likely to be the hot new things in the Toy industry next year.

Press Release regarding Continual Motion at the British Toy and Hobby Association (BTHA) Toy Fair 2005 in ExCeL, London

Continual Motion's Virtual Press Office for the BTHA London Toy Fair 2005

The British Toy Fair 2005, on the 27th January 2005. Click here for free tickets.

We will have free production samples to give away to interested parties at the show.
Come to Stand GH112 in the ExCeL Centre to talk about our range.

Continual Motion's Bar-6 was one of Incentive Business magazine's "Ten things you must see" at NIS 2004!
Many hundreds of people flocked to our stand to see our fantastic new range of products.

What was the fuss about? Please come inside and find out.

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