The Trail!

A Western Book

Story synopsis:

The story of Thomas Kincaid: A gun toting preacher trying to overcome his outlaw past in the wild and lawless California Gold Rush of 1850.

Thomas Kincaid is known by some as an Outlaw, others a Preacher and still others as an Indian fighter, and by one special person - the love of her life.

The Board of Elders from his Home Mission Board wanted the newly ordained young preacher as far away from civilization as possible, for they did not trust him. Can a man truly break away from a past as dark and sinister as his? So the young preacher, Reverend Thomas Kincaid, was assigned to establish a church out in the wild west of California during the Gold Rush of 1850.

Can Thomas Kincaid find the fulfillment of his calling in the rough boomtown of Rio Oro, California?
Can he overcome his outlaw past that still reaches out pulling him back into the life of crime?


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