The Quest: The Northmen Cometh

They came out of the cold and hostile north in long, low, dragon prowed ships. These devilish ships plunged straight onto the beach and outpoured thousands of huge, shaggy men, howling like animals and waving swords. Possessing the souls of the Northmen, the vile demon Bashshar the Heartless and his demon hoard have turned them into “Berserkers”, so they do not feel pain. These Berserkers have no regard for themselves as they sacrifice themselves on the field of battle. They rush toward any men-at-arms without even any protective armor. They roll their eyes; bite the edge of their shields, and utter animal howls. They go berserk when they fight, fighting with nightmarish ferocity. The Northmen kill babies, children, young men, old men, fathers, sons and mothers. They destroy, ravage, sack, and burn where ever they go.

Can King Edward outnumbered by overwhelming odds defeat the Northmen and save his land? Not without help. Armed with only a sword and Christian virtue, Sir Randver is sent on a difficult quest: united the Elves and Dwarves with Man to fight the invaders. But, this seems impossible for the Dwarves do not trust man, and the Elves trust them even less.


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