The Quest

Story synopsis:

In the Quest you are introduced to Randver. After having successfully completed his internship as a squire, Randver needs but to complete one quest to become a knight. A beautiful young damsel begs for the king's help in freeing her sister from the grasp of dark Underworld powers. Young Randver is inexperienced in battle, but with a single glance into the fair maidenís crystal blue eyes, Randver volunteers for this deadly and dangerous quest. Armed with only a sword and Christian virtue, how can a mere boy hope to survive against dragons, mythological beasts and the dark powers of the Underworld? Perhaps, with a little help from his friends.

During his quest you are introduced to two seasoned warriors: the jovial and strong Boaf the Dwarf and the handsome and wise Elowyn the Elf. Randver earns the loyalty of two brave warriors. These three companions face many dangers and trials along the way and Randver discovers the meaning of true friendship. Will Randver survive the quest? Will he rescue the fair damsel's sister in time?

"Wow, that was more intimate than Lord of the Rings. I felt like I was right there fighting the dragon!" Mark Yale, Los Angeles, California

"I can't wait for the next book!" Virginia Martin, Reno, Nevada

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