Citadella Town Crier

June 5, 2005 - #31

Greetings from the Island Kingdom

June sales of "The Alliance": 1
Total sales: 4

I mailed all of the royalty checks out already. You should be getting them any time now. Please cash them right away so I can keep my books balanced.

We had another sale in June! Still waiting on the Lord for our big break.

Let people know about our contest, new publishing options and weekly adventure comic strip. These are all draws to the website and to sales of our books!

I am rewriting The Quest. It is basically the same, but I am learning how to show instead of telling what is happening. It still needs to be rewritten and edited.

Here is the way the old story started:

After successfully completing his internship as a squire, Randver (Rand-ver) needs but to complete one gallant quest worthy of recognition by the king to become a knight. Yesterday, Randver felt on top of the world as the young twenty year old proudly strutted around the fortress of Citadella in front of his friends. But now, as Randver sits in the Great Hall of the King at the huge oak table, he feels inadequate, like a little kid sitting at the grown-up’s table for the first time.
The handsome gray haired King Edward the Just, king of the Island Kingdom, rests comfortably on his raised throne in the Great Hall in front of two long oak tables where his knights sit. Six knights sit at one table while five sit at the other. An enormous fireplace in the corner next to the throne warms the huge granite stone block hall and added light shines from large oil torches that line all four walls. Long colorful ornate banners hang behind each knight displaying his personal colors and symbols of his great quests and heroism.
Randver is in awe by the noble company of men surrounding him. Each of the eleven knights has proven his chivalry with many brave deeds. All present, with the exception of Randver, are living legends of heroism, men of courage, valor and Christian character. Randver sits in the large oak chair where Sir Fallon used to be seated. Sir Fallon died heroically defending the virtue of his daughter from a raiding party of Northmen. Randver is to be Sir Fallon’s replacement when he is knighted.

Here is the way the new version starts:

The clamor from behind the heavy oak doors is too loud to ignore. The shouts from the outer hall draw each knight to his feet, one hand grasping the hilt of his sword. King Edward pounds his fist on the arm of his throne. "Who dares disrupts these proceedings?"
"I must see the king," comes a muffled cry from the hall.
A brief moment of silence is shattered by a loud thud against the door. The noise echo’s loudly inside the great chamber. Singing metal rings, as each knight in unison unsheathes his sword and slips his arm into his shield. A few rush toward the door; others take up a defensive position around the king.
Squire Randver of Meade Hall hurries to stand by his father in front of the king. Randver brings his large round shield close covering his heart; he is sure his father and the other brave knights around him hear the pounding in his chest. He clenches his sword tightly and tries to slow his breathing as he listens intently to the commotion behind the doors.
The heavy doors swing slowly open and two castle guards appear dragging a figure, clothed in a tattered robe, a hood covering its head. The castle guards push the intruder roughly and the robed figure stumbles, then trips, and finally falls on the hard rock floor. A knight lunges at the intruder, "Identify thyself, or I wilt thrust my sword into thy chest."
The intruder struggles to stand, but the robe garment is tangled around its feet. The knight takes another step forward, and then stops when he hears a female voice cry, "Please help me. I must see the king!"
The feminine voice stuns the knights. Each quickly steps back, sheathing his sword, dropping his shield, and being men of valor rushed forward to offer a hand of assistance.
"I thank ye.” Two arms extend up from beneath the robe. “I needeth all your strong arms."
King Edward from his throne on the dais demands, "Identify thyself!"
As the knights lift her, the hooded robe, still tangled in her feet, is pulled from her head.
The light from the large stone fireplace, the height of three knights, in the corner next to the throne and the light from the oil torches that line the four granite block walls glisten off of her golden hair which cascades off her shoulders like soft bellows of water from a spring waterfall.

Prayer Requests:

***Praises that Chris's grandmother came through her heart surgery. Please pray for continual healing and strength.
***Becky would like your prayers: Please pray that she can find a job and eventually get a car.
***Gbemi still needs prayer for funds to further his education.

In Christ's service, Bob