The Mission

A Military Science Fiction Book

Story Synopsis:

Reminiscent of the lightning fast blitzkrieg of the Nazis, the pale-white tentacled aliens came from outer space invading and conquering the continent of Africa. The carnivorous aliens swooped down from outer space encircling the continent destroying everything in their path driving the survivors of their brutal attack into the interior of the continent. The cost of hundreds of thousands of human lives has only succeeded in holding their advance to African continent.

In the midst of this war for Earth's survival, a young USAF fighter pilot, call sign "Mustang" through many terror filled moments learns what is really important in this life. After his best friend and wingman receives Jesus as his personal Saviour, Mustang's life is turned upside down as old feelings of anger toward God over his parent's death burst to the surface.

In this same fighter squadron a pretty young pilot call sign "Red", wavers on her commitment to Christ and to her father to remain pure until marriage and to only marry a Christian when she falls in love with Mustang. Red struggles as her emotions and her devotion to God clash.

Mustang and Red must fight a physical war against carnivorous space aliens and spiritual war with God - neither war can they win. Their lives will never be the same.

"The use of specific military designations and slang was a nice touch. I also like the addressing of some of today's issues like the vice of feminism and radical environmentalist. It was a great book!" Tim Cross, Grass Valley, California


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