Last Stand!

A Military Science Fiction Book

Tentative Story synopsis:

What will the future be like? If the carnivorous Space Aliens have their way the planet Earth will become their banquet table. Earth’s united military might after months of fierce fighting cannot find a way to defeat the evil invaders from space. Within a year the flesh eating aliens will conquer the entire planet as the world looks helplessly on.

Fifty years in the future a group of scientists, descendents of the original Martian Science Colony, know how to defeat the alien invaders. But the Martian council burdened with survival of the Martian colony will not divert funds and manpower to pursue, what they consider is a wild theory about Quantum Time Travel. But this does not stop Doctor Mark Lawson and his son, Randy. Determined to save humanity, they defy the council even though it means that Mark must sacrifice his son to save the world. With no way of returning to his future world, Randy will at best be stranded in the past, for if the future that he has left is gone forever will that mean his destruction is eminent also?

Mustang and his squadron of Rapier jetfighters continue to fight against insurmountable odds trying to keep the aliens from conquering the United States. When Mustang’s wingman, Hotshot, confides in Mustang the fantastic story of how he became a Christian, Mustang does not believe him; until the man from the future arrives and puts the pieces together. When Mustang is asked to return to the alien jungle, he refuses. Until his girlfriend, Red is captured by the Space Aliens does Mustang agree to help the man from the future and return to the Alien kingdom.

In a surprise thrill a minute ending that will leave you in shock, Mustang must fight his way into the heart of the Space Alien kingdom to save Earth and the girl he loves.

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