The Journey

A Supernatural Thriller Book

Story synopsis:

You wake up, take a shower, and go about your daily routine always believing that the world you experience is all that exists. Could there be an invisible universe alongside this one, a spiritual world that moves right through you? The thought never entered the mind of young seventeen-year old, Lisa McGrath until she received a special spiritual gift when she became a Christian. Now for better or worse she can interact within the invisible world of good and evil. Lisa suddenly finds that her life is changed forever.

The small town of Cloverville where Lisa McGrath lives seems peaceful enough, but looks are deceiving, for something sinister has gained a foothold in the town and it is growing. Huge grotesque demons have possessed the residents and taking over the town. And to Lisa's shock, she finds out that she is their only hope. A spiritual infant, Lisa must learn from her new Christian friends what it means to be a Christian and to spiritually grow up fast before the dark forces in Cloverdale overwhelm her. Lisa suddenly finds herself plunged into a world of terror, love and adventure.

Truth is stranger and more frightening than fiction!

"A wonderfully scary book. It really opened my eyes to the supernatural world that REALLY EXISTS around me." Diane Sleeve, Sacramento, California

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