Second Commandment
“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image."

An idol doesn’t have to be something tangible; anything that takes the
place of God in our lives serves as an idol, whether it be our job, a
person, possessions, etc. If you make god in your image, one that you feel
comfortable with, you can then create your own moral standards to go along
with him. To be an idolater, you make a god to suit yourself, one devoid of
reference to sin, righteousness, and judgment. You make sure he likes the
things you like and hates the things you hate. If you lust, so will your
god. If your god doesn’t mind lying and stealing, then you can lie, steal
and lust to your heart’s content. Your god will fill your heart with joy
and your spirit with song…right up to Judgment Day.

Answer with an honest heart.
How often have you broken this commandment?
Once in awhile
Very Rarely
Almost never