The Ten Commandments
"Do you really know them?"

Death is inevitable!
When death comes, will it come swiftly in a car wreck, drive by shooting,
or heart attack? Or will it come slowly, with cancer, some other disease,
or if you are very lucky old age? Regardless how it comes, death will get
you in the end.

When you find yourself dead, standing before a Holy God, would you be
innocent or guilty? The God of the universe, your Creator will use His
Standard, the Ten Commandments to judge you by. Wouldn’t it be nice to
know what they really mean and how you stand up to them?

Read each of the Ten Commandments and check a box at the bottom of each
Commandment that applies to you. After you submit your answer a small box
will appear indicating that your answer has been entered. Then click ok
to continue. Remember to answer from an honest heart to see how you will
fair with God on Judgment Day.

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