The Quest: Alliance!

A Fantasy Book

The stories in this book are based on Aim Higher Books best selling book "The Quest". The task given to these gifted Christian writers from various parts of the world was to create background identities for the major and minor players presented in the book "The Quest". New insights are gained into "The Quest" world and those residing in this exciting fantasy realm. Exciting stories that are sure to open ones eyes to new worlds of fantasy!

Here are the writers and where they hail from:

MARTIN ROOF - New Mexico, USA- Squire Harlan

BECKY SANDERS - Louisiana, USA - Young Randver.

GBEMI AKINLOLU - Nigeria, Africa - King Edward hunting the killer of Dylla.

PAUL MOORE - Missouri, USA - Squire William.

DEBBIE HUEY - Pennsylvania, USA - Young Rita.

GRACE HARRISON-BARKWELL - Ontario, Canada - Archbishop Fremont.

RACHAEL ANTHONY - Georgia, USA - Dylla.

STEPHANIE L. BROWN - California, USA - demon hunter

ERNIE JOHNSON - Indiana, USA - Duke Ashworth

SUSAN CHASE - Missouri, USA - Lord Allan

ANNE WILMOT - Illinois, USA - Beowulf

JEWEL SOUTHERN - Georgia, USA - Friar Smythe.


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