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On the front of each T-Shirt

On the front of each T-Shirt is a picture of the Alliance Knight (same as above)with the words: "Secrets of "The Quest" world revealed! A collection of unique adventure stories from "The Quest" fantasy world; as told by an alliance of fantasy authors from around the world! Introduction and Illustrated by Bob Leone."

On the back of each T-Shirt

On the back of each T-Shirt it says "The Quest The book that started the adventure!
(Picture of Randver, elf & dwarf)
Join with people from all over the world who have been forever changed by taking their first journey to the Island Kingdom of "The Quest"! An entire history of a world to explore, full of rich fantasy, populated with unforgettable fascinating characters, where dwarves and elves exist with men, where evil takes the form of dragons, beasts and mythological creatures, where the forces of darkness abound in evil schemes to capture the souls of men, a story infused throughout with the timeless issues of good and evil, faith and hope into which you will find yourself drawn as you fight the forces of darkness with the endearing indigenous people of the Island Kingdom. FREE mini-e-book!
(Picture of Baron Gerald)
"The Quest: Baron Gerald""
All words are typed in the same font as is on the cover of "The Quest: Alliance

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