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May 6, 2007
I hope that I am the first! Islam is dangerous? Sure is! Look at
all of the bombings and terrorism in the world the perpetrators
can all be summed up in one word - Islam.
Sam Gallo, NY, NY

May 7, 2007
After 9/11 now when I see an Arab, or somebody with Middle
Eastern looks, especially on public transportation, I watch them
with suspicion. I don't like to be that way, but they are the
ones who started it.
Gail, Elko, Nevada

May 8, 2007
Hello Sam, a fellow New Yorker. I have to disagree with you
There are radical Muslims that are dangerous. There are Muslims
that I know personally that all they want is to make money and
live the American dream. I am a Jewish Christian, with very
strong ties to my Jewish family and most of them will agree.
Abraham, NY, NY

May 10, 2007
How many radical Muslims do you think there are? How many Muslims
are sympathizers to their movement? Ninety-nine percent of the
world's 1.4 billion Muslims are moderate. One percent of 1.4
billion is 1.4 million. That is an awful lot of bad guys out
Sam Gallo, NY, NY

May 14, 2007
Sam, you are right there are a lot of bad guys out there. But,
they don't all live in the USA. The ones that do come here, not
all but most, are assimilated into our society and they get
married and want the American dream. I'd be more worried about
the black prison convicts. That is where the Muslims are
recruiting the next generation of terrorist in America.
Abraham, NY, NY

May 15, 2007 There are many Muslims living in the USA that have assimilated
into our American culture. But, they are Muslims in name only.
They do not adhere to the violent convert the infidel
or kill him teaching of the Koran.
Sam Gallo, NY, NY

May 18, 2007 Of course Islam is dangerous, the only type of Muslim here in
the U.S. is a bad Muslim that hasn't fulfilled his Islamic duty yet!
look at the Muslims terrorists, at least they are showing their true
colors.The Muslims here are trying to portray a peaceful religion, but it
asks them in the Koran to do otherwise.
Allah is nuts, Eastern US

May 21, 2007
My brother, Allah is not nuts. Allah is their name for God and you should
show respect, even if they are wrong.
Abraham, NY, NY

May 21, 2007
Right on the money "Allah is nuts". They ought to deport all Muslims. Only
let Christians into this country. At least the illegal Mexicans coming
into our country are Christians for the most part.
Sam Gallo, NY, NY

May 23, 2007
God is a term used to denote a higher being, and if the Muslims higher
being is asking them to kill the infidel and convert the world to Islam the
I don't want any part of it. Come on now, isn't Islam out to convert the
world? Take your local headlines, have you heard of an American Quran and a
Middle Eastern Quran? There is only one, and those we are at war with at
least are showing their true colors. I will show respect for everyone, but
the idea of this religion is really way out there. If Allah was so all
knowing, then why did he allow his prophet to marry a minor and since Allah
is all knowing he should have known that today that would be called
Pedophilia and people of civilized countries would see this as perversion.
Be wise as serpents , but harmless as doves. don't you see this?
Allah is nuts, Eastern US

May 25, 2007
Allah is nuts. Still, the fact remains that even if their religion is false
and satanic, as far as I am concerned; out of respect you shouldn't make
fun of thier "god's" name.
Abraham, NY, NY

May 25, 2007
I agree with you "Allah is nuts". They ought to deport all Muslims.
Sam Gallo, NY, NY

May 26, 2007
Abraham I will keep my crass feelings to myself, but be assured that there
is only one Quran and only one Muslim, that is all I am trying to say. Lets
not be fooled by the Media and liberal left in thinking there is a
"good,happy" Muslim and a terrorist, the latter is all there is.
Allah is nuts, Eastern US

May 27, 2007
As a Jewish Christian, woe to me to defend the people that are killing my
relatives in Israel. I had one aunt and nephew died in suicide bombings in
Israel. I will concede that every Muslim who follows the Koran to the
letter, will seek to kill anyone who is not Muslim. All I am saying is that
there are some who are Muslim by birth, like I am a Jew by birth. They do
not follow the teachings of the Koran.
Abraham, NY, NY

May 28, 2007
Totally understood Abraham.
I Have A Heart, Northern California.

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