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Title and Credits
Welcome to the exciting graphic story of Into Their Midsts!

It only took two minutes after being saved to change Dawn McGrath.
She is only seventeen years old with a natural skepticism, but everything is
just becoming weirder by the minute. After receiving Jesus as her Lord and
Savior, she begins to see things that weren’t there before and finds herself
falling into a strange new reality. She really doesn’t want to believe what’s
happening but it seems to bring with it new dangers with the added surprise of
another world within and next to our own.

Into Their Midst

Written by Amber Brooks

Illustrated by Bob Leone


Julius Thompson as Dharr

David Grant as Tirsah

Cassandra Lee Donnelly as Sunshine

Dawn Reinas as Dawn McGrath

Craig Spears as Hassan

Mindy Mull as Mindy Lynch

Phil Rainier as Jason Parks

Kamela Leach as Barakah

Tina Marie as Sharif

Steven Dean as Vaniah

Amy-Louise Barker as Zafir

Ronald Leone as Mr. Newman

Ron Leone II as Pastor Emery

Dough Boy as Police Sergeant Victor

Theme music is by 7 Thunders.
It is played on the High Speed version
of "Into Their Midst" only.

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