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More About Myself


I started my flying lesson when I was still in the university. Towards the end of my undergraduate study in Electrical Engineering, I started taking flying lesson in Albion Park NSW Australia. I enrolled in Cessna Flight training Centre (flying C152) and attending the course part time, while carry on the part time study to finish my degree and doing part time job to finance for the lesson. It is a bit hard, but anybody with enthusiasm to get himself involve in the flying world those things do not matter.

I used to think of pilots as somebody so special, so fortunate and so skilled. But after being a pilot, I realize that there is nothing special about a pilot except his desire to fly and his ability to appreciate the freedom that goes with it. I believe anybody can be a pilot if he has the opportunity  in terms of time, money (to pay for the instruction and gas), good physical and the most important thing the desire to be one.

I got my Australian unrestricted Private Pilot License in 1990 just before I was schedule for an ear operation (endural myringoplasty). The pilot license cost me around 8000 Australian dollars. I went back to Malaysia in 1991 upon completion of my undergraduate study majoring in Power Electronics. Since my life time ambition is to be a pilot and not an engineer, I decided to joint the Royal Malaysian Air Force in September 1991. Year 1992, saw me training in Pilatus PC-7 at No 1 Central Flying School (Pulatibang 1) in Alor Star in 1992. Graduating from the school, I opted to be a transport pilot (a more civilized way of flying) and was sent for multiengine training in K.L flying Cessna 402B. Subsequently I was sent for C130 conversion destined for maritime role. I was in love with the aircraft and finishing the ground school when suddenly I was directed to report for conversion on Beechcraft B200T that the air force had just acquired. I stayed with the aircraft serving as copilot rising in status through captain, instructor and finally as a flight commander training. That was the last assignment that I held before leaving for my graduate study.

Outside my service duty, I pursue my civil aviation knowledge by sitting for CPL (Commercial Pilot License) and finally ATPL (Air Transport Pilot License). That cost me quite a lot from my own pocket which is around RM$6000 (that is a lot since I was paid to fly in the Air force-Now I am again paying to fly and study). But the knowledge that I gathered and the satisfaction that I achieved really worth it. My wife has been patience all the time since she understand what plays inside my mind.

So for the young (or old) aspiring pilot, my advice is there are many ways to achieve young life ambition. If you are fortunate, you can start just after your high school (by joining the Air Force, the airlines, or work your way through the flight schools). Otherwise, if you already have a steady job, that might be used as a source to fuel your ambition if you are dare enough. Your family must be supportive enough, if you already have one, because  broken heart, broken marriage and broken wings are the worst outcome of his wonderful adventure.

For the moment, you can go to the Lighter side before flipping the coin.