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Royal Malaysian Air Force Maritime Patrol Aircraft - My Previous "Office".

    Four Raytheon Beechcraft Super King Air B200Ts were made operational for maritime tasking by RMAF in 1994. Since then it had been the work force for the air force in accomplishing maritime air operation. For every maritime flight, a set of four crew members are required, which consists of Pilot, Co-Pilot, Sensor Operator (Navigator) and Observer. The aircraft is capable to be flown during day and night at low level using the capability of onboard sensors. Its maximum speed is 244 knots, while the surveillance speed is maintained at 180 knots. Maximum takeoff weight was extended to 15000lb (compared to the normal B200 which is 12500lb) while the maximum landing weight is 14250lb. For me, flying the aircraft was fun since it is equipped with advance autopilot system, Electronic Flight Instrumentation System (EFIS), Laser Gyro INS, Multi Function Display (MFD) and other avionics that assists you in maintaining your situational awareness and releases many of the "burden"  associated with flying.


Front View: Photo taken at the "usual parking slot" - Bay 6 of Subang Airbase


Side View: Looking good


Rear View: Undergoing Maintenance In the Hangar

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