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    In The Name Of Allah The Most Beneficence The Most Merciful

Abdul Latif Hj. Mohamed Homepage

About this Page                                                     

This page is dedicated to those who loves to fly especially for the one who is looking to be a pilot.                

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More About Me: A Short Biography.

I am a Royal Malaysian Air Force Maritime pilot.   My job involve flying over Malaysian Territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zones. That are a long stretch of water some 350 nm from the shore lines. Flying always fascinating me since I was a child but sadly to say that at the time this web page is constructed, I am chained to the ground doing a study for a master degree. I hope this web page will be of help for someone looking for enjoyment in flying.


1. Biography             

2. The Lighter Side

3. Aviation Risk Analysis       14. Kids Airlines System    16. RMAF Maritime Patrol Aircraft

  17. When The Propellers Stop 18. The Clouds

18. To Take Over Control or Let It Be - A Dilemma in Multicrew Environment

4. Chechnya

5. Human Right And International Order

6. San Theodoros

7. Web Page Toolkit - Use this toolkit to make your own Web Page - Enjoy!

8. Cambodia Case Study


10. Pictures of Fajar In Monterey with Malay Commentaries

11. La Mesa School  

12. Naval Post Graduate School

13. Monterey area Sand City  

15. The Interplay of Human Capital, Scarce Resources And Social Cohesion in Conflict Generation 


20. Teaching basic Flying

21. The Poetry

22. Touch  and Go on C130H-30R

Updated April 04, 2008

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