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Judges Criteria

1. All contestants are winners from the beginning and because of this everyone starts with a score of 10.

2. We want all contestants to be a total package. However the main thing we are looking for is personality, facial beauty, and stage projection. The more someone appears to be enjoying their self on the stage is very important.

3. 0-3 year olds are not to be judged on modeling, more on personality and the way they project on stage.

4. 4-up should be considered the same way, but modeling will be judged and they must be able to do so, on their own.

5. My pageants are all about the contestants, so keep in mind they are on stage doing their best and should be watched the entire time they are performing. I will give you plenty of time to score each contestant. Please smile and clap for each contestant.

6. Do not take off for bumps, bruises, scars, or missing teeth. On the flip side, do not take off for flippers (unless overpowering), hair pieces, or any other enhancers.

7. Beauty scores are compiled of 4 categories: facial beauty, poise/personality, overall appearance, and stage presence/modeling.

8. There are no line-ups. I will bring contestants to the front X, immediately after their individual beauty walk, and ask them a couple of questions which will give you ample time to score each event. All contestants are to be scored on their individual performance that day.

9. This is a full glitz system. Beauty dresses can be Baby doll dresses or pageant dresses. It is not necessary to have the most expensive dress, only that it fits well, flatters the girl, and is in date.

10. Casual wear is a creative, trendy-type outfit that can be off the rack or custom made. Modeling is Casual wear modeling, but may be perked up. No Pro-am (excessive modeling with gymnastics or major tricks) can be used.

11. Outfit of choice scored on stage presence/showmanship, personality, and modeling/technique. This is usually custom made and glitzy. This may be excessive modeling.

12. Please make comments about everything scored. If there is a negative comment, make sure there is a reason to back it up. Give praise as well.

13. I will not tolerate any low balling in scores and the auditor will notify me ASAP when noticed. The pageant will then take a break and the problem will be dealt with at this time. Everyone deserves the same respect and should be scored on their ability. I donít expect any of you will do this, but wanted to give you the heads up!

14. It is necessary to stay until after crowning and answer any questions the parents may have. There should be constructive criticism given if needed and of course praise where applicable. If there is any bad sportsmanship, ugliness, or profanity of any kind find me immediately. This will not be tolerated and you are not responsible to handle this, I am.

15. Have a great time with the judging and the scores will fall the way they are supposed to. Thank you so much for judging this pageant and know in advance that I truly appreciate you.

Thanks S&A Productions Toy Explosion director


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