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Universal Love

I'm writing a non fiction story about two lovers who found eachother on another planet and were separated by evil forces.

Universal Love
@Copyright 2003 ~Trix~

Maybe in another universe we were meant to be
But here on earth we face reality
Things don't always go the way we want 'em to
Evil forces are tearin' me away from you
There's nothin' I can do it's way beyond my control
All I can do is give in and let you go
Promise me you'll think of me
As I float away on another galaxy

I give you this eternal rock of love to carry close to your heart
As long as you have it we're not really apart
Just close your eyes and picture us together
Cuddlin close in the stormy weather
All your fears will slip away
Our love won't go astray
Though I'll be so far from you my dear
My love for you will always show loud and clear