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@Copyright 2003 TRIX

It feels like I've known you for so long
And when I'm in your arms nothin' can go wrong
It feels like we're connected at ths heart
I wasn't whole when we were apart
I'm so glad we found eachother
Cause I could never love another
You and I are meant to be together
Our love is strong enough to last forever

When you hold me like this I have no doubt
It's the kind of love storybooks are written about
You're my prince charming my white knight
When I'm with you it feels so right
I pinch myself to see if it's all a dream
Cause I can't believe a great guy like you is right here with me
I've waited all my life to find my soulmate
But I never gave up I always kept the faith
I knew you were out there I just had wait