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Useless Info

Have you ever wanted to know all kinds of "useless" info about your ole pal Trix? Well if so then you're in luck! Hey, if you're not interested you know how to use the back button! :)
This information will be uipdated often! Check back regularly to see what else I"m willing to share.
The info is all mixed up so just dive in & dig me ha ha!

Last updated January 5, 2003

Here we go...

Nicknames: Trix, Trixie, Punkin, Sweety
Pet: a spoiled rotton 5 yr old cat named Bandit :)
Location: Nashville TN (East Nashville to be specific - a few minutes from downtown)
Favorite color: Green
Lucky number: 9
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Brown
Shoe size: 7
Jean size: 14 (possibly 12 but I never try them on at the store & I don't wanna buy them & have to return them lol Call me lazy!)
Shirt size: Well that depends on what dept I get it in.. Juniors I would wear an XL and women's I would wear a large
Bra size: Yeah I get this a lot and I'm bold so I will say it.... 36d.. are ya happy now?
Underwear size: 7
Type of underwear: Thongs usually
Favorite pizza toppings: extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage
Favorite pizza place: Pizza Hutt
Favorite sonic food: Grilled cheese on texas toast, mozzerella sticks, and now the new popcorn chicken
Ring size: 6 or 6 & or 6 & 1/2 (hmm????? I don't know lol)
Favorite shampoo: Panteen Pro V
Favorite conditioner: Panteen Pro V
Favorite body wash: Herbal Essences
Favorite perfume: I wear Adidas Moves for her right now but I like al kinds
Hair Length: I like my hair long & straight
Favorite singer: Trisha Yearwood
Favorite actress Renee Zellwegger
Favorite season: Summer
Zodiac sign: Piscies
Vocal range: Soprano
Tattoos: None
Peircings: Ears
smoke: No
Drink: Sometimes
Favorite non-alcaholic drink: Usually a really tall glass of ice cold water or maybe a mountain dew or 7up or sprite...
Favorite alcaholic drink: sloe gin fizz or PGA punch
Believe in God: Yes!