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I Need To Know

@Copyright 2003

Every time we plan to get together something always comes up
Well baby let me tell you I've just about had enough
I don't know if you're lyin' I don't know if you're cheatin'
But the sequence keeps repeatin'
I feel like we're not even together sometimes
Cause it seems the only thing connecting us are phone lines
It's always hello I'm busy didn't you knoow
Bye sweety I really have to go

Maybe there's no room in your life for me
Maybe you're just being polite cause you don't wanna hurt me
I really need to know what's going on with you
I need to see the signs that your feelings for me are true
Maybe your work is going to always be your better half
If that's true I just can't live like that
I deserve some of your precious time
I need to know you'll always be mine

So if your feelings for me are really true
There are some things that you can do
To make me believe what you say
And push all my fears away
Take time to hold me in your arms and tell me how much you care
Tell me what's going on in your life don't be afraid to share
Just know that if your feelings for me are really true
Through good and bad times I'll always be here for you