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Thousand sons

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What is the difference between genius and stupidity? Genius has limits. - Albert Einstein.
Welcome to Thousand Sons.  
Welcome to Thousand Sons.
we are a guild situated in Lineage2 from all over the world. are main player base is from the UK, where many of us have played games including The Myth of Soma. We are mainly a Guild of Dark Elves but exceptions are allowed. Main members include Ulrik, DarkDante and Faint

Recruiting 19/01/04
The Thousand sons Guild wants you yes you to join are guild and to be ready for Lineage2 release, of course there can only be 40 members and we have 37 spaces left.
So Hurry :)
Click here to
sign up.

Lineage II Closed Beta Sign up. 19/01/04
*ALERT* Lineage2 Beta sign up has started. A long awaited surprise as Open Beta bursts out and is ready for every one to sign up.
Sign up here
Lineage2 Beta
hope to see you all in the up coming months :)

Site Opened. 19/01/04
Welcome to The Thousand Sons Home Site. Here you will find every thing about us, and about Lineage2. Use the Navigation Bar at the top to find your way around the site enjoy - Ulrik
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