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Thousand sons

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What is the difference between genius and stupidity? Genius has limits. - Albert Einstein.
Races and Skills.  

Humans in Lineage II are similar to Humans in the modern world. Humans currently have the greatest dominion in the world and the largest population.

Special Abilities of the Race: Although Humans do not possess any special abilities, their strong point is the fact that they can transfer to the most specialized classes.

Basic Characteristics: Humans are well-balanced in all of their characteristics.

Talking Island
 Talking Island is a little distance away from the southern coast of Gludio Territory and is frequented by apprentice Knights and novice Mystics. In the past when the Elven race ruled the continent, there was a school on the island that established to teach magic to Humans. After the Elves departed, a few Mystics started a magic school as a training place to educate talented Mystics. In addition, since a branch of Aden's historic Cedric's Hall was opened on the island, many apprentice Knights also visit this island for their training.


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