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Thousand sons

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What is the difference between genius and stupidity? Genius has limits. - Albert Einstein.
Races and Skills.  

The race of Elves worships the goddess of water and loves nature and aquatic life. The Elves have slim and nimble bodies, long ears and beautiful features. During the era of giants, among all creatures they held the highest position. However, when the giants were destroyed, the power and influence of the Elves was also diminished. Now they only inhabit part of the forest on the main continent.

Special Abilities of the Race: Compared to other races, Elves can hold their breath longer and are better able to jump from high places.

Basic Characteristics: Elves are wise and quick-witted. They are fast in attack, movement and casting speeds. They also have superior marksmanship skills and higher evasion ratings (ER). However, their attack strength is inferior to that of other races.

Elven Village

Since ancient times, the village located above the lake has been inhabited by Elves who live in harmony with the nearby forest and thrive under the protection of the Worldtree Glade. After their betrayal by Humans, the twelve elders of the Elven tribe cast a powerful magic field around the forest to prevent other races from approaching. However, during the war with Dark Elves, seven elders lost their lives and the power of the magic field in the Elven forest was weakened. Young Elves then argued that they should no longer live in isolation from the outside world and their demands were granted. As a result, the magic field was completely removed and the long-hidden stronghold of the Elves was finally visible to the outside world.

The Worldtree Glade

The Worldtree Glade is home to the Mother Tree the largest and oldest tree in the world. It is said that the gods used leaves from the Mother Tree to create the race of Elves. Since that time, the Mother Tree has provided protection for the forest and all living creatures within. Although the Worldtree Glade is present in all Elven settlements, the trees all originate from the seeds of the Mother Tree. Around the Worldtree Glade, guardians attack invaders of other races and protect the Elves. Nerupa, an elder of the arachne race, is found here bound to protect the Elves by a contract with the Mother Tree.

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