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Harry Potter Animal/Doll Maker

Instructions: Create and decorate your Harry Potter animal character by dragging objects from the items menu below to the picture/background above the menu. Once you have finished decorating, press "Prt Scrn/SysRq" (located after the 'F12' button on the keyboard). This will copy the entire screen from this page. Now go to some image program such as "Paint" in the 'Accesories' menu and press paste. Cut off all the information except for the picture you have made or "select" the picture and copy it then put it into a new file. Your picture is now ready to be saved.

Decorate this with the items from below!!!

Decorative Items Menu

broomstick dragon spellbook candy cat cauldron crystal ball dragon egg eyeglasses sack of gold gold-piece wizard's hat ink gold key snowy-white owl parchment quill wizard's robe toad magic wand

Images from "Wizard Mansion"