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There are various APBT publications out there, each with its own "niche" so-to-speak. The Gazette is basically for newcomers and those who like to show and weight pull their dogs. The Journal is for hardcore advertisers as well as being the largest source of what was going on in the sporting world. The scope of what the other publications have covered ranged from interesting stories on little-known dogs, to hysterical gossip for those who are so inclined.

The purpose of my magazine, The Healthy Bulldog, is create a NEW ERA in magazines, by being a practical source of solid maintenance information about our dogs, medical issues, LEGAL resources for obtaining drugs, as well as ever keeping current on nutrition and disease prevention -- and thus it fulfills its own niche. The Healthy Bulldog is a magazine that you can proudly share with anyone who has dogs, as it covers only LEGAL aspects of this breed, and the most important aspect, which is the care and management of your dog's health throughout its life. Not only is The Healthy Bulldog "the missing piece" to add to your current magazine subscription portfolio, but each issue can be collected, and saved, until you will ultimately have a veritable medical library to turn to as a resource. If The Healthy Bulldog sounds like a magazine for you, read below on how to order!

What's Inside the THE HEALTHY BULLDOG?:


Help support The Healthy Bulldog by sending in your PAID ADS, referring it to FRIENDS, and by submitting material of interest! THANKS!!!

A Bi-Monthly Publication
(Mailed out 2/28, 4/30, 6/30, 8/30, 10/30, and 12/31.)

If you wish to order by mail please send US Postal Money Order to:

John A. Koerner II
P.O. Box 549
Pleasant View, TN 37146
(423) 240-5833

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