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Scott's Battery Events and News !
March 2009 !

2009 Events.


April 18-19   Galena, IL. *

April 25-26   Keokuk, IA. *

June 13-14   Franklin Grove, IL. *

July 25-26   Marshalltown, IA.

August 1-2   Boscobel, WI. *

August 15-16   Galesburg, IL.

August 15-16 Mason City, IA. *

Sept. 19-20   Belle Plane, IA.

Oct. 3-4   Stockton, IA. *

Oct. 10-11   Princeton, IL.

* The asterisks are all confirmed.

     This is sad news. Our newest member Frank Morrison passed away on March 14, 2009. He joined the battery last fall after completing his 4 events of training. Some of you heard him tell of his first cannon experience, firing a cannon from the fraternity house while in collage. Frank  usually served as a number 3. He was cremated in his uniform and appreciated the opportunity to look into his Confederate roots.


    From the Web Mistress: Jim Selman aka Gilligan who filled in a few times on our cannon for the Monmouth home comming firing, was killed in a single car accident on Nov. 19, 2009. He enjoyed every chance to help us be it firing the cannon or helping with the maintance of the trailers. 

Galena, IL. April 18-19.

Your Family Tree.

   We must all register individually before the event. This is not the usual procedure. We will be camping along the river near the center of town. Just stay on US 20 until you see canvas'. We are limited in the site of our camp so if you bring a tent plan on taking in a buddy or two. We will also be able to sleep under the gun. We will only have one gun for this event. Check the forcasr, it may be a sleeping bag night.

     This month we have a state of Iowa certificate of military service for David McBride. Note that the battles he fought are listed on the certificate. This was Chuck Curl's great grandfather.

Iowa Battle Flags.

      This is confusing, but apperently $349.00 was taken from the flag restoration project. On the books that leaves $175,000 in the account. However, the state historical society says there is only $1000 in the fund. hope to have an update next month.

Keokuk, IA. April 25-26.

Trailer Tires.

      This year the old battle field will be used.  We will plan to use our old camp site along the blacktop road. Whoever gets there first needs to claim this spot. The Ball Saturday night has a fee of $4.00 and the Sunday breakfeast will cost $3.50. The location is still at Rand Park at 14th. St. and Orleans St. We will have our usual business meeting after the Saturday battle to confirm our schedule and take care of any other business. Anyone assigned winter tasks will give us a progress report. We have an early report that the pickled eggs are in full supply as is some blockade run Ukrainian beverages.

     The gray trailer now has 4 new tires on it. We had two flats last year which led to our dicision to have good tires all around. We bought the trailer back in 1996, so we got about 12 years on the original tires. Let's hope we get that many on these.


     Pvt. McGrath has a new sleeping bag this year. You know McGrath only deals in quality equipment and he is selling his old sleeping bag for $50. Its good to the temperature of 0 and has only been slept in twice. Words of advice: Check for stains on the inside. LOL... He will have it in Galena for your inspection.


Hoover Libaray Story.

Hoover_Libaray.jpg (933130 bytes)

Vandalism At The Civil War Parks.

There are some articles in this newsletter about vandalism at Gettysburg and Chickamauga.

Gettysburg involves accidental destruction and Chickamauga is malicious. 

Among other news articles on other Civil War Monument vandalism.

Click here for all articles.


Iowa Flags.

We Need Your Help!

Jons Olsson helped with the moving of the Iowa flags to the historical society last May. The flags had not been touched or moved since 1906. Two discoveries were made that were not documented before. The 3rd. Iowa Battery had a Wisconsin State seal on it (not an Iowan). And even more astounding was the discovery of the 4th. Iowa Cavalry flag. The historical society had no record of it. It was a strange size apparently larger than a standard artillery flag but smaller than an infantry flag. It has the 13 stripes but the blue field has no stars. Instead it has the Iowa motto only.

   Do you know where a Confederate veteran is buried? Can you help take a picture of the grave marker? Can you help dig for information on the man's life, find his obituary, a picture of him, or help discover his unit service? We have found over 12,000 Confederate veterans buried in Illinois, about 11,500 in the five national cemeteries at Alton, Camp Butler, Rock Island, Oakwood, and Mound City. In addition, we have found over 500 more buried in cemeteries all over the state. We feel certain that there are probably at least two to three times that number that we still haven't found or identified yet. We need your help to find and identify these graves so we can add them to our database. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. Please check your camp records for any memorials or dedications your camp may have done and send that information to Gale Red, Illinois Confederate Graves Project Coordinator at 527 S. Pennsylvania Ave. Belleville, IL. 62220-3675. Or e-mail at or


Illinois Civil War Flags.

   There is an article about the Civil War flags in Illinois. We have seen over the past couple of years the movement in Iowa to restore it's flags. Including our own Alex Vasquez and his march. Illinois is a bit slower to restore. I fear that Illinois may never get this task finished. (Click here to read this  article.)

Civil War Flag Links: 

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