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Tamil fonts for Annai Thamil (TSC, TSC2, TSCII, TSCu fonts)

(Annai Tamil: Tamil Nadu National Magazine)


"Annai Tamil" magazine uses TSC Tamil fonts. If you cannot see the Tamil words "Annai Tamil" near the top of this page, you can download the font from Click here to download fonts Please download and install a TSC font. (Any font that has the letters "TSC" or "TSCu" will do. The "TSCu" fonts are preferred. If you you TSC fonts, you may not see the Tamil letter "E" properly; it will look like Tamil "pa".) Examples: TSCu_InaiMathi, TSC_Avarangal, InaiMathiTSC, tneritsc. These fonts are free.

ALTERNATELY, instead of installing a TSC or TSCu font, you may download and install the free computer softwae Murasu Anjal from You have to keep this program open when you read the Tamil pages on your browser.

If you have problem in still reading the magazine in Tamil, please write to us.


or just go to the page you came here from after downloading and installing the font.



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