Article 23


        Section 1.  During the terms of this Agreement, the following classifications shall be paid at the pay grade set opposite their names as set forth in the Wage Schedules attached hereto.  In pay grades 6 through 9 "Apprentice" and "Journeyman" are considered seperate classifications within the pay grades.  "Journeyman" classification seniority will start when and employee reaches the "Apprentice" rate.

Pay Grade 1 =    Food Production Worker
                           Gardener Assistant
                           Dining Services Worker

Pay Grade 2 =    Custodial Worker
                           Stockroom Clerk/Meat Prep.

Pay Grade 3 =    Baker's Assistant
                           Cashier/Food Production Worker
                           Cook's Assistant
                           Storekeeper - Aide

Pay Grade 4 =    Retail Market Clerk
                           Utility Worker
                           Trades Helper
                           Delivery/Dining Services Worker
                           Franchise Assistant
                           Dining Services Maintenance Technician

Pay Grade 5 =    Boiler Tender
                           Service Crewman

Pay Grade 6 =    Painter
                           Landscape Gardener
                           Head Retail Market Clerk

Pay Grade 7 =    Maintenance Painter

Pay Grade 8 =    Certified Working Chef
                           Carpenter (Journey or Apprentice)
                           Electrician (Journey or Apprentice)
                           H.A.R. Mechanic (Journey or Apprentice)
                           Plumber (Journey or Apprentice)
                           Power House Operator (Journey or Apprentice)
                           Vehicle Maintenance Mechanic (Journey or Apprentice)
                           Pest Control Specialist (Journey or Apprentice)

Pay Grade 9 =    Special Equipment Repair Technician