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  News for OCTOBER  
   NSTP-CWTS Starts off with a blast



The MPSC NSTP-CWTS Classes has started its second semester classes last October 23, 2003. This semester, the Course Description for CWTS is Project Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation. This time, students will implement the projects that they have proposed, with the help of different organizations.

Coming up with different projects, the students will raise funds and develop their projects, and later, yield product and/or results, which will be sold to the public to help raise funds for the next production. For this purpose, a Store section has been opened in this website to provide a web space where students can advertise their products. Furthermore, the Fifty-Peso amount in the enrollment will be used as initial fund for the different projects.

Dr. Saturnina Aberin will be the one to hold classes for the subject. Different project coordinators like Mr. Maximo Niones (Gardening), Mrs. Juana Audal (Food Trades), Mrs. Corazon Gabule, and other non-faculty/staff will also take their part in helping different groups implement their projects.

Well, another semester is about to start, and another group of young people are about to answer the need of the Philippines.


NSTP-CWTS prepares for accreditation visit

   November 17-22, 2003 – the MPSC Faculty, Staff, and students are up to preparing for the Information Accreditation visit this year. ACCUP accreditors will be visiting and checking up that I.T. department and the school is getting ready. The NSTP-CWTS staff and students took part of the preparation by beautifying the frontpage of the NSTP-CWTS office.

After the accreditation, everything has paid off and I.T. has just been taken to another level.



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